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Cheri Lucas - Dog Behaviorist / Dog Trainer

Cheri Lucas Dog Trainer

 Cheri's Philosophy

To love a dog is to lead it. The primary error people make when relating to their dogs is that they "humanize" them. As humans, it’s easy to forget dogs are a different species with different needs. No amount of playing “mommy” or “daddy” will ever make them human children. They still have canine DNA and are hardwired to be dogs. Once dog owners realize the disservice they do by not allowing them to be fulfilled as dogs, the task of rehabilitation is made easier.

Dogs are pack animals. They require a pack leader to keep them in line. If the dog perceives that its owner is NOT the leader, then it is forced to take on the leadership role by default. That's when the problems begin.

Cheri Lucas’s life work is to teach dog owners how to regain the role of authority figure to their dogs. Through subtle cues such as body language, energy, eye contact, and body position, Lucas teaches owners the language of dog leadership. Any unacceptable dog behavior (barking, biting, aggression, leash-pulling, fixation, fear, defensiveness, territoriality) can be resolved once leadership is established and exercise and discipline are included in the dog's life. In fact, the ability to resolve a dog's behavior issues really has more to do with the owner than it does the dog.

Through her dog training and dog behavior workshops, speaking engagements, seminars and consultations, Cheri Lucas works to help dog owners not only put an end to unwanted dog behavior, but to shift their perspective on dog ownership and re-define what ‘love’ means to their dog.

She teaches people to see their dogs as the animals they are, and thus unleashes a power that exists within each dog owner to create immediate and lasting results. Her mastery of dog psychology, long history of success stories, and ability to reframe challenges and reveal the basic root of seemingly hopeless obstacles help to reveal to owners the surest path toward a wonderful, fulfilling relationship with their best friend: loving their dog the way it needs to be loved.

Common Dog Issues

Canine Aggression Issues
• Dog Aggression
• Human Aggression
• Food Aggression
• Territorial Problems

Dog Fear Issues
•Fear of humans
•Fear of dogs
•Fear of Grooming
•Fear of car Rides
•Fear of Specific Places
•Separation Anxiety
•Other Anxieties

Dog behavior issues
• Barking, crying
• Jumping up
• House Training
• Pulling on Leash
• Not Listening
• Anxiety
• Excessive Licking
• Hyperactivity
• Mounting
•Dogs chasing moving objects, runners, and animals
• Dominance
• Obsessions
  Dog Eating Issues
• Begging
• Counter Surfing
• Stealing from Plates
• Pica (Eating Things That Aren't Food)
• Coprophagia (Eating Feces)
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